20-23 AUGUST 2024



Halima Khunoethe

Professor Halima Khunoethe is a distinguished academic and seasoned government official, with over two decades of experience spanning various tiers of government. Holding a Ph.D. in Public Administration from the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN), she has garnered expertise in education, particularly in understanding advancements in education from diverse countries. This year, she assumed the role of Vice Chancellor at the European Digital University, with a specific responsibility for South Africa.

Her career includes serving as the Head of Capacity Development at COGTA KZN and being seconded to establish the Office of Standards and Compliance at the National Department of Public Service and Administration. Professor Khunoethe’s multifaceted competency in governmental affairs is evident through her extensive roles, including committee membership in the Peer-review Mechanism’s governance sub-committee and Chairpersonship of BRICS+ Partners Women’s Business Alliance South Africa.

Moreover, she is a board member of the MINARA Chamber and the founding member of the KZN Women Authors Forum.

As a respected scholar and published author, her contributions encompass topics such as state capacity, business systems, and gender equality, with endorsements from the President of South Africa, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa. Professor Khunoethe’s accolades include the KZN-South Africa-Ambassador Award in 2023 and the Mahabiz Award in Dubai in February 2024.

Her collaborative research extends internationally, focusing on Capacity developoment, governance, business dynamics, AI systems, and developmental models. Continuously dedicated to personal growth and excellence, she is currently pursuing her second Ph.D. and studying for her Private Pilot License (PPP), exemplifying her commitment to innovation and leadership in academia and beyond.