22-25 AUGUST 2023



Kefa Simwa

Kefa Simwa

Kefa Lidundu Simwa is the Executive Director of ANIE and is thus responsible to the Board for the implementation of ANIEs programs and activities. Dr. Simwa is a senior lecturer and Chair of Department, Educational Foundations in the School of Education at Moi University. He earned his Ph D at University of Johannesburg, South Africa in 2013.

His area of specialisation is History of Education. Dr. Simwa started his professional career as a teacher educator in Moi University in 1996 and to date, he has a quarter a century of work experience. In addition to teaching and supervision of undergraduate students, he is actively involved in supervision of Masters and PhD candidates in addition to undertaking various research projects. He is an experienced researcher who has published several journal articles and book chapters. Among other professional organisations he is affiliated to is the American Association of Educational Researchers (AERA) and African Network on Internalisation of Education (ANIE). He aspires to enhance the research and knowledge generation role of ANIE, strengthen the capacities of international offices, foster the development of early career researchers in different disciplines and create platforms for scholarly exchanges on internationalization of education in Africa.