22-25 AUGUST 2023



Huba Boshoff

Huba Boshoff has built a career in the higher education sector. In the past two decades she has worked in the field of student development, programme development and accreditation, quality assurance and internationalisation. Huba’s previous professional roles include being the Manager of the Center for Partnerships and Internationalisation at Stellenbosch University where her portfolio included partnership management, strategy development and information management. She has also worked intensively on student development establishing the Unit for Multiculturalism (also at Stellenbosch University), reviewing student leadership structures and support mechanisms and crafting interventions that engage students both inside and outside the classroom.


She is currently the Director for Nuffic in Southern Africa (part time) with a specific focus on fostering innovative models of collaboration in internationalisation between South Africa (and other African countries) and the Netherlands.

Alongside her professional positions, Huba served as a member of the International Education Association for South Africa (IEASA) from 2013 -2019 and volunteered as trainer for the former international student programme, SAWIP as well being a faculty member for ENACTUS.

She completed a Masters degree in Higher Education (cum laude) at Stellenbosch University and focused her research on the barriers to international student mobility. She holds further academic qualifications in Community Development and Knowledge management.

In 2022 Huba established The Knowledge Collab as a platform to conduct consulting assignments alongside her role as Director of Nuffic Neso South Africa/Southern Africa. The Knowledge Collab is based on the principles of trust, creativity and impact.