20-23 AUGUST 2024



Oluwatobi Mary Owojori

Oluwatobi Mary Owojori is a versatile educator with expertise in research, education, and sustainability. A consultant within the sphere of environmental sustainability and education for sustainable development. She is committed to fostering inclusivity, and actively works towards amplifying the voices of women, youth, marginalised populations advancing the international education landscape.

Her dedication to inclusiveness extends to her contributions to the body of knowledge, where she explores innovative approaches to sustainability within higher education, ensuring diverse perspectives are integrated and valued. As a researcher at the College of Business & Economics, University of Johannesburg, South Africa, she is deeply engaged in advancing the discourse on sustainable development and the realisation of partnership for the goals locally and internationally.

In addition to her academic career, she is committed to science communication, regularly engaging with the public through workshops and outreach programs to promote environmental awareness and empower communities. She has authored articles in prestigious academic journals and serves as a reviewer in reputable academic journals.  Her expertise and passion for internationalisation are evident in her active participation and presentations at both local and international conferences, where she enriches discussions on sustainable education with her insights and expertise.